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Hello, my name is Nicky. For as long as I can remember I've loved designing and making things.


This blog is my online sketch book for my shop , showing how my ideas and products develop from inspirations, through the making process, to the final item.


If you have any questions or comments please send me a message. :D


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I’m nearly at 100 sales! The 100 person to buy from me will get a free gift! :D

A lovely collection of pastels and pastel prints found on Folksy. Inspired by the blooming spring pastels seen all over fashion. As you can see in many forms; jewellery, cloths, pictures and cards. Embrace the softer side of life!

For all the items I’ve selected for this theme please take a look at my Pinterest  board.

1: Beach hut photograph : Cassia Beck 2: Mint bow necklace: iloveyou 3: Bunting Card: Memory Laines… 4: Keyring: Red Brick Glass 5: Typewritter print: Lolas room 6: Precious stone scarf: NKOYO

Spring florals are everywhere (I love them) Wear them always with this cute personal alphabet letter necklaces!


Spring florals are everywhere (I love them) Wear them always with this cute personal alphabet letter necklaces!


A lovely collection of vintage black and white vases. I really like the patterns on these and the lovely curved shapes. I recently did an evening ceramics course, and now have great respect for anyone who can throw, pinch or mold these shapes from clay!

A sneak peak at my latest print! I started it this time last year, but it’s made up into a screen now. I soon as I can photo the results in day light, I’ll post them :D

here’s a sneak peek at my next print! It’s printed in gold, and the frame has been embroidered so it looks like a fancy frame. I think it would look better on a deep green colour, so when I’m next shopping I’ll hopefully buy some!

Bow cushion in some of the many colours I can make (more than 4)

Bow Print Cushion

This is a photo from a few winters ago. I love seeing little animal tracks in the snow, you can see what they got up to, this bird was having a good look around our garden (the tracks went through all the gardens around our house too.)

I made a print inspired by these bird tracks, and printed onto a bag a cushion!

Here you can buy!: Snow Print Bag

Question!: I printed these cards yesterday, just black ink onto white card. Not sure weather to put them in my shop or not. I’d make black envelops for them and sell as a set of 8.

Would you buy these?