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Hello, my name is Nicky. For as long as I can remember I've loved designing and making things.


This blog is my online sketch book for my shop , showing how my ideas and products develop from inspirations, through the making process, to the final item.


If you have any questions or comments please send me a message. :D


Here you can see some of my finished items: The Catkin Boutique


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Note books anyone? Great for beautiful little sketches like Conrad Rosets, or just helpful notes! Made from up-cycled paper and decorated with my own illustrations.

Shop here!

A sneak peak at my latest print! I started it this time last year, but it’s made up into a screen now. I soon as I can photo the results in day light, I’ll post them :D

here’s a sneak peek at my next print! It’s printed in gold, and the frame has been embroidered so it looks like a fancy frame. I think it would look better on a deep green colour, so when I’m next shopping I’ll hopefully buy some!

From one of my tiger life drawings to lino print!

This is a photo from a few winters ago. I love seeing little animal tracks in the snow, you can see what they got up to, this bird was having a good look around our garden (the tracks went through all the gardens around our house too.)

I made a print inspired by these bird tracks, and printed onto a bag a cushion!

Here you can buy!: Snow Print Bag

Question!: I printed these cards yesterday, just black ink onto white card. Not sure weather to put them in my shop or not. I’d make black envelops for them and sell as a set of 8.

Would you buy these?