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Hello, my name is Nicky. For as long as I can remember I've loved designing and making things.


This blog is my online sketch book for my shop , showing how my ideas and products develop from inspirations, through the making process, to the final item.


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Posts tagged "craft"

Painting wooden beads. Not easy trying to paint sharp graphic patterns on them :p

And some of my handmade arrows, for the arrow necklace, I worked out a couple of subtly different shaped arrow and have now chosen the perfect shaped ones for my design (seen a few posts ago).

I went to the V&A Power of Making exhibition this weekend. It had a good mix of items from needle covered dresses to beautiful carved furniture (a few too many coffins though!) And lots of inspiring quotes about the art of making, all of which I have forgotten now…. Above are some of the items I particularly liked.

I made some resin moulds last night. There are quite a few different objects here. I used some of my own shrink plastic brooches (the dear and the butterfly) Which I’m quite looking forward to use- I want a green glitter dear brooch!

I also used a round wooden bead, as I want to be able to make dome ring jewels. And a rubber to make a tube shape for pendants. There’s also a button so i can make my own! I used the top of a stamp to get a nice square shape again for rings and pendants. And a sakura flower which I brought ( a bit naughty top turn into my own mould perhaps…oh well ;D )

On the 11th,12th & 13th there will be a craft fair in my city. It’s quite popular, but I’ve never been before. I hope to go this year, this weekend. And I’ll post some pics of what I see!

Question!: I printed these cards yesterday, just black ink onto white card. Not sure weather to put them in my shop or not. I’d make black envelops for them and sell as a set of 8.

Would you buy these?